Uma mensagem da equipe de Segurança do Mandriva

Bom, a versão 2010.2 é a versão corrente, não? Creio que isso crie um espaço de insegurança, visto que a versão 2011 ainda não foi lançada 😦

[Novas informações] As atulizações continuarão sendo disponibilizadas até o lançamento da versão 2011 final. 😉

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Uma mensagem da equipe de Segurança

via Blog Mandriva Linux de Izabella em 13/07/11

Olá pessoal,

Em nome da Equipe de Segurança da Mandriva, venho apenas deixar um recado de que o ciclo de vida das versões Mandriva 2010.1 e 2010.2 chegou ao fim. Elas continuarão recebendo atualizações de base do sistema por mais 6 meses.

Nota postada originalmente p em inglês por Eugeni Dodonov.

Equipe de suporte Mandriva

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Sobrevivendo ao meu 1º smartphone (Xperia X8)

Há pouco mais de um mês comprei meu primeiro smartphone, foi algo completamente não planejado e aleatório, afinal pouco conheço sobre esses aparelhos.

Foi numa tarde de quinta-feira, ao passar em frente a uma loja Oi, vi uma propaganda do plano Oi 110 + smartphone pela bagatela de dez vezes de XX reais, após isso, pagaria somente o plano! Olhei os modelos, e me interessei pelos Androids (a oferta com iPhone sairia dez vezes de XXX reais 😛 ).

Mas antes de adquirir um, fiz uma pesquisa rápida na intert, e me deixei influenciar por essa postagem:

Então comprei o plano com o Xperia X8, afinal eu nunca tive problemas com a Sony (fora a queda da PSN) 😀

Continuar lendo

And now, our first RC of Mandriva 2011 is at your reach!

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And now, our first RC of Mandriva 2011 is at your reach!

via Mandriva Blog de Eugeni Dodonov em 29/06/11

Hi folks,

as told yesterday, Mandriva 2011 RC1 images were waiting just the final testing and retouches to become available. And now I am glad to tell you that they should be already available on your favorite mirror!

Please forgive us for the delay, but we believe that it would be better to take some additional hours (or, in this case, almost an entire day) to carry out the final tests, certify that everything works as good as we can polish it for a RC-release quality, and improve some things which we don’t like (such as some misplaced fonts, some low-res images, and some small issues with dkms pre-compiled drivers – yes, full UI integration is never easy). In return, I believe that we are giving you now a much more tested glimpse of what Mandriva 2011 will look like.

So, grab the iso from your favorite mirror, run it live, run it in virtual machines, install it, give it to your friends – and, most importantly, have fun!


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openSUSE Continues Brazilian Blaze!

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openSUSE Continues Brazilian Blaze!

via openSUSE News de Bryen Yunashko em 28/06/11

Continuing the great work of our Ambassadors of the Southern Hemisphere, our Brazilian openSUSE team once again gets ready for a strong openSUSE presence in Brazil beginning today at FISL 12-Software Livre in beautiful Porto Alegre. A major FOSS event in South America, FISL 12 is expecting 8,000 attendees this year.

The openSUSE Brazilian Ambassador team has been making strong inroads introducing not just our distro but also our many Project offerings, such as the Open Build Service, SUSE Studio, and Edu-L-Ife. openSUSE has played such an important role from the classroom to the corporate offices across the country and most importantly, building community within Brazil.

So, if you just happen to be in the Porto Alegre area (or heck, if you feel the urge to jump on a plane from anywhere in the world right now) hop on down to FISL 12 and stop by the openSUSE Booth. The team will be in force and will be ready to answer all your questions about openSUSE and give you free LiveDVDs. You can also catch them throughout the event giving talks on OBS, Edu-L-Ife, giving general updates about the latest in the openSUSE Project. And you won’t want to miss the openSUSE Community Meeting where you get to express your views and support for openSUSE.

It’s definitely an event you won’t want to miss, and it’s all happening right there in Porto Alegre. So stop by as soon as you can.

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Mandriva 2011 RC1 is at the door..

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Mandriva 2011 RC1 is at the door..

via Mandriva Blog de Eugeni Dodonov em 28/06/11

..and waiting to be released in the coming hours!

as promised some weeks ago, we told you that Mandriva 2011 RC1 should be expected this week. The images are built and are undergoing an internal testing right now, and unless any critical issues are discovered, they will be pushed to the mirrors in the coming hours!

Those additional testings for RC1 images before their release to the mirrors was intended in order to certify that the final changes for the RC-stage of Mandriva 2011 release, containing the (almost) final UI and Desktop experience, do not result in any unexpected issues. The ones following us on cooker and changelog mailing lists have noticed that there was a huge number of changes between Mandriva 2011 beta3 and RC1, and we want to make sure that you will have the most adequate experience with this first release candidate.

To give you a preview of what to expect in Mandriva 2011 RC1, the following items (in no particular order) are worth of notice in this release:

– integration of (almost) final UI, new login manager, desktop themes, plasma widgets, icons, backgrounds, splash screens, launcher, boot screens and desktop settings developed by ROSA Labs
– initial version of Mandriva Sync and Sphere helpdesk clients, developed by ROSA Labs
– new version of Improver testing application, developed by ROSA Labs
– firefox 5.0, together with optionally installable beta and aurora versions
– server 1.10.2 with most up-to-date video and input drivers
– mesa 7.10.3 and libdrm 2.4.26 for most up-to-date 3D experience
– pidgin 2.9.0
– kdepim 4.6.0 fully integrated into KDE
– OpenStack packages integrated into cooker
– iptables
– chromium browser 12 and 13 (unstable) available for installation
– updated gfxboot which should improve booting process on some uncommon hardware
– wireshark 1.6.0
– new mandriva-control-center based on QT, integrated into KDE system settings
– vlc 1.1.10
– shotwell 0.10.1
– clementine 0.7.1
– latest grub2 available in contrib for the ones willing to test it
– opera 11.50
– samba 3.5.9
– gcc 4.6.1
– octave 3.4.2
– git 1.7.6
– rsyslog 5.8.2
– ffmpeg 0.7.1
– kdevelop 4.2.3
– wine 1.3.23
– horde 3.3.11
– sqlite 3.7.7
– pulseaudio 0.9.23
– coreutils 8.12
– python 2.7.2
– blender 2.58
– thunderbird 3.1.11
– drizzle 2011.06.19
– systemd 29
– hugin 2011.0.0
– webkit 1.4.1

Among many other updated packages available both on the main media and in the repositories. Once again, we would like to thank the community for this amazing work – most of those changes were done by you, and we cannot thank you enough for that!

So, hold your breath and in some hours you will be able to see it all for yourselves.

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